Saturday, 1 January 2011

Operation SciFi - New Vegas

Welcome to the first of many blog posts for Operation SciFi, this mod will ad a great many new areas to explore in several different games, mainly Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas.

The NVE (New Vegas Edition) will be based around Area 51 to begin with, this leaves the perfect place to host the various sci-fi worlds included, each level will be based around a specific tv show, book, movie etc, the first being Stargate. The Stargate area will be the main part of the mod to begin with, probably right to the end as it will be the first and main method of transport to the new areas, which will be in the form of new planets, admittedly small areas, ranging from tiny indoor cave systems and underground facilities to full, open world forests and deserts.

Right, the rough story, you will have to initiate the quest by yourself as I dont like the stupid idea of you being the one person the random person runs up to out of the many he probably ran past on his way to you from where he came from. You will find a guy in goodsprings, in the bar, who will tell you that he escaped from an attack on his village, the village being built aroun the entrance to Area 51 being a complete coincidence of course. He will ask you to help him and a group of people to take back the settlement from the raiders.

Now, I like the whole choosing your sides stuff so im not forcing you to do this, right now you will be informed of the locations of several choices and what they are, as of now any faction in New Vegas can be asked to help you take Area 51 as this is the stage I am at in making the NVE, this includes the raiders who have it, you can visit a (new) camp to ask the leader to be part of the gang and gain entry to the base this way, but this leads to a slightly longer quest line of finding scientists to sneak into the base without the raiders knowing as they have no idea whats in there.

I would like to note now before anyone complains that such and such faction is not friendly with them but they want their bonuses (ah yes, depending on the faction you choose you get different bonuses), these factions are technically speaking, new. As in these factions are identical to the current ones but are separate and start as friendly to the player till the player chooses a faction, this will hopefully solve any problems people may have. All of the camps for this mod based in the Mojave will be in their own separate cell with a crossroads cell separating them from eachother where the player decides what faction they want.

I know this is confusing because Im having to read it a few times myself to understand it to be honest so sorry for that but on the off chance that you understand all this then carry on.

Each faction has a bonus and style for whatever you chose. Now, because of the way this is done the Stargate will be different style depending on which faction too, so say the player goes for the NCR, it will be the SG-1 gate as the NCR looks like it would be the normal military force. The Brotherhood of Steel will have the Atlantis gate as it is more high tech and that suits them. Caesars Legion will have the Universe gate as it suits them more I think. The base itself can look totally different too, like the NCR will have the basic underground base stuff with the wires along the walls etc, wheras the BoS will have the type of architecture that their bunker has in New Vegas, you get the idea. If you choose the Raiders then you get to decide all this upon interacting with the entrance for the first time.

Once you choose a faction you will complete that quest and that factions quest will start (save me from doing any confusing crap with the quests), all but the raiders are practically the same, go in, slaughter the occupants, save the prisoners and establish a base of operations around the entrance to Area 51. Once this is done, if you havent chosen raiders you will be asked to go away for a few days and come back (in other words rest or go do some other missions), this gives the faction a chance to build up the unique style of the base and dig out the first level for you to explore. When you return the factions commander will be in the stargate level waiting for you, he will ask you if you want to join the ranks and blah blah blah. Then thats the end of the mod.

Kidding, thats is the planned prologue, after that I will add the second floor which will store the stargate stuff and be where the first chapter of the NVE will begin. Each chapter is planned to add either a new planet/new area on an old planet, new level of Area 51 or perhaps a mix of the three. I will focus on the stargate things to begin with of course. Im not sure what the first planet will be but Im looking for suggestions so please comment and let me know what you think the first world should be!

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