Sunday, 20 March 2011

NVE Progress update

Hey all, Ive been a bit busy lately so I havent had much of a chance to do anything with the mod, but dont worry its not dead. I have most of the models I need made and almost all of them converted and fully working in game, some of the new areas are mostly done but no NPC's yet, Id take a few screens but its pretty much a definate that I will change the layout a few times.

There will be no audio till the mod is done, this way I can send it out without new sounds and keep people that want it now happy and for those who want quality and quantity will get the sounds added in a patch soon after. I have no idea when release will be so dont ask. If you have any questions about what to expect that I havent covered in previous posts then just comment here or on the ModDB page, you are more likely to get a quick response there.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Android OS

I kinda love the Android phone OS so as a little side thing to the main Operation Sci-Fi creations I will be making an app which can be used as a music player with the look of whatever sci-fi you like, along with styles matching the factions of Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas. Dont know what else to do for an app to go with the mod really, other than providing a direct RRS feed to this blog through it too which I will. So if anyone has any ideas on what they would like me to add to the app then fire away :D

On the progress of the mod, Ive fallen behind a bit on the schedule I had set up so I will be trying to catch up with that, I will be away from home for a couple of weeks starting next week so I cant do anything then, I'm not promising anything but I may have a release for the mod out at the weekend if I get some spare time over the next few days. Of course I'd feel more enthusiastic about doing more if people would comment on here and give me some feedback on any news.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NVE - Languages

I recently noticed several emails/Pm's... The mod will, when finished be multiple languages, so far this will be.


The blogposts will still be english and the mod will be english a week before any other language, after I complete a section or chapter I will go back and create alternate language versions. As I cant speak anything other than yes/no and several insults in each language I will be using google translate so sorry for any wierd sentences.

J'ai récemment remarqué plusieurs e-mails / s. Pm .. Le mod, lorsque vous avez terminé être plusieurs langues, à ce jour ce sera.

En anglais

Le blogposts sera toujours anglais et le mod sera Anglais une semaine avant une autre langue, après avoir complété une section ou chapitre, je vais revenir en arrière et créer des versions autre langue. Comme je ne peux pas parler autre chose que oui / non et plusieurs insultes dans chaque langue, je vais utiliser google translate tellement désolé pour tout phrases bizarres.

Vor kurzem habe ich bemerkt, mehrere E-Mails / PM 's. .. Die Mod wird beendet, wenn mehrere Sprachen, so weit dies sein wird.


Die Blogeinträge werden noch Englisch und die Mod ist Englisch eine Woche vor jeder anderen Sprache, nachdem ich einen Abschnitt oder Kapitel gehe ich zurück und wird zu erstellen alternativen Sprachfassungen zu vervollständigen. Wie spreche ich kippe alles andere als ja / nein und einige Beleidigungen in jeder Sprache werde ich mit Google Translate so leid für seltsame Sätze.

Недавно я заметил несколько писем / с ПМ .. В моде будет, когда закончил быть несколько языков, до сих пор это будет.


blogposts все равно будет на английском и мода будет английский за неделю до любого другого языка, после того как я полный раздел или главу, я вернусь и создать альтернативные версии языка. Как я могу говорить что-нибудь другое, чем да / нет и несколько оскорблений в каждом языке я буду использовать Google Translate очень жаль, для любого странные предложения.

Hace poco me di cuenta de varios correos electrónicos / Pm 's. .. El mod, cuando termine de ser varios idiomas, en lo que va a ser.


El blogposts seguirá Inglés y el Ministerio de Defensa se Inglés una semana antes de cualquier otra lengua, después de completar una sección o capítulo voy a volver y crear versiones alternativas del lenguaje. Como no puedo hablar nada más que sí / no y varios insultos en cada idioma que va a usar traductor Google lo siento por cualquier frases extrañas.

This is the only multi-language post I will do BTW