Sunday, 20 March 2011

NVE Progress update

Hey all, Ive been a bit busy lately so I havent had much of a chance to do anything with the mod, but dont worry its not dead. I have most of the models I need made and almost all of them converted and fully working in game, some of the new areas are mostly done but no NPC's yet, Id take a few screens but its pretty much a definate that I will change the layout a few times.

There will be no audio till the mod is done, this way I can send it out without new sounds and keep people that want it now happy and for those who want quality and quantity will get the sounds added in a patch soon after. I have no idea when release will be so dont ask. If you have any questions about what to expect that I havent covered in previous posts then just comment here or on the ModDB page, you are more likely to get a quick response there.

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